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Whoopi's Favorite Things

Many of you are new to the name and experience of Healthy Haircare Systems. However, our mission and purpose didn't begin with being featured on The View. Everything looks polished and oh so well put together but really, it’s Tonie's personal hair journey that led her to this moment . For years she struggled with hair damage and hair loss caused by chronic hypothyroidism. This, combined with seeing how other women struggled with their hair, pushed her to set the foundation for what is now the five-step Healthy Haircare System. At its core, HHS has always been and will always be about helping women understand how to keep their hair healthy. So when we received the call to be featured, it only made sense and it was absolutely perfect timing.

We Love Healthy Hair! We are excited about this opportunity to share our products with women all over the country and help them to fall in love with their natural, healthy hair too.
Real Products creating Real Results for Real People.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg celebrate her 65th Birthday by sharing her Favorite Things including your favorite Healthy Haircare Systems products.


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