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To Pre-Poo or Not Is The Question???

Styling products, heat exposure, chemical treatments, and poor haircare habits can all lead to a pretty unhealthy scalp situation. Your Scalp is an extension of your face! If you wouldn’t allow excess dirt, oil and product to buildup on your face, you shouldn’t let that happen to your scalp skin either.

Removal of excess product build up from oil, dirt and styling products can revive your scalp. Which in turn will revive your hair and potentially help it to grow faster, longer and stronger. Your Scalp is a road map to what’s going on with your hair, how it looks, flows and especially how it grows. By keeping the scalp clean and free from product residue, you creating a space for your hair to flourish.

Hair grows from the scalp skin which includes hair follicles, sweat glands (salty like your tears) and oil glands (which oil is needed in moderation for hair protection). Both of these glands share the same area. Keeping this area as clean as possible is essential to how fast the hair grows. Keeping the scalp skin healthy is also essential in fighting an array of skin disorders, such as yeast and bacteria. By maintaining a healthy scalp you are prevented scalp disorders a place to grow, and thus, you are providing the perfect scalp environment for your hair to grow.

As a stylist, I’ve heard many clients complain they believe they are experiencing alopecia. And after Pre- Cleansing their scalp consistently for a few months using our Wake Up! Scalp Treatment, some clients found their hair started growing back in affected areas. Some clients even noticed the quality of their hair becoming stronger due to the simple practice of Pre-Cleansing before shampooing their hair. Pre-Cleansing/Pre-Poo is designed specifically for the Scalp, whereas typical Shampoo is designed to cleanse the hair.

So in conclusion, Pre-Poo Scalp Cleansing is a great way to ensure that your Scalp Skin is extra clean and free of bacteria, so that your hair follicles can grow your hair to it's maximum Healthy Hair potential.


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