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Choosing the right products to Cleanse, Condition & Style your hair is essential for your hair to look and feel it's best. You deserve that beautiful lustrous hair to make you look fabulous like you walked straight out of Cosmo magazine And to achieve this look , you need to take utmost care of your hair, not just during your regular salon visits but also by using the right products to support your stylist efforts in and out of the salon.

We've all been in situations that have us questioning our hair care products and efforts, which have left us unsatisfied with the current condition of our hair. Because everyone's hair is unique to them, much like your fingerprint, finding the perfect products can be a bit complicated. Truthfully no one wants to go around with frizzy, dry, and unhealthy hair, and the key to choosing the right products starts with understanding and correctly identifying what's wrong with your current haircare routine to help you get to the proper treatments, routines and products that are specifically designed for your hair.

These Tips will help you Choose the Best Products for Your Hair:

1. Knowing your particular Hair Type, Texture, and Density will help you to understand which natural factors play a significant role in the way your hair reacts to certain types of products. Thus giving you more information that will help you to choose the right products for your Hair. Once these factors are known to you, experimenting with various products will become easier and fun for you to learn what products your hair tends to love. For example, someNaturally Curly, 3C, Thick Density Hair tends to love thick Hair Masques, such as the Healthy Haircare Systems, Oh Behave Hydration Masque because the thickness of the product tends to weight the hair down, thus removing the frizz from the hair, which allows the curl pattern to define and soften a bit more.

2. Understand your Scalp Skin, Hair Porosity Level and Living Environment will give you more information to solve your haircare questions. By learning how quickly your scalp get oily or dry, and how well your hair receives hydration will also help you to choose products that best address those factors. Also, the type of environment you are typically in also dictates how your hair will react within that environment. For example, if you live in an area such as California, Nevada or Arizona, the environment tends to have less moisture in the air (vs. Louisiana, Florida or Jamaica, where there is typically more moisture in the air) due to it's desert like environment. So if your hair naturally has low porosity which lacks moisture, you will need to over compensate with extreme hydration for your hair to thrive.

3. Ask a professional - Cultivating a relationship a reputable Hair Stylist is important. When you take the time, energy and finances to work with a Hair Stylist that is equipped to help you with your overall haircare needs, they can help you to discover and learn better techniques for your hair, and suggest various treatments and products that will support your overall Hair Goals

When you get these steps right, it becomes easier to know which products you actually need for your very unique Hair. And we have the perfect hair care products to up your Hair game on a very basic level.

Created with the right PH Balance help you maintain your healthy hair, increase growth and protect your hair from everyday challenges like breaking and shedding. Our 100% all-natural products are the simplest and fastest way to grow long, beautiful hair!

Get that luster and shine, and flaunt your hair in style with these revolutionary hair care products.


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