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Developing a Workable Haircare Routine

Healthy Haircare Systems

No one is best at being you! And no one understands your lifestyle better than you. Therefore creating a workable hair care routine is an absolute must for anyone wanting truly healthy hair! Everything from the comb and brush that you use to the climate of the place where you live, all matters a great deal to the health and wealth of your hair. Developing a workable routine takes planning and discipline to keep it going and should be given great thought from the very start.

By creating a:

  • Basic/Everyday Routine

  • Monthly Growth Routine

  • Damage Control Routine

You will be developing a smart start to achieving your overall hair care goals.

Now do be honest with yourself when creating your routines and your goals. Don’t set an unattainable goal and expect your hair to naturally grow 10 inches in a month. You will need hair extensions for that and of course it won't be natural growth, LOL! Hair naturally grows from the scalp and average of ¼ to ½ inch per month. So setting up an unrealistic goal of 10 inches per month is only setting you up to fail. And only would you set yourself up to fail. Failure is not an option!

Another pitfall of not setting up an attainable goal is not being realistic with yourself about how much time you will need to maintain your hair care routine. For example, if you have 10 full-time jobs and are in school full-time, there is no way you would have the time to properly wash and condition your own hair on a weekly basis. Therefore setting up an appropriate schedule to properly wash and condition your hair on a every two week basis might work better for your personal situation

Whatever you choose be detailed, patient, and discipline. Your hard work and diligence will surely pay off and your hair will appreciate such structure.

So are you ready to get started on your HEALTHY HAIR journey?

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