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Travel Approved! Our “must-have” Try Me! Kit will help your hair to achieve its maximum potential without breaking the bank! The 2oz size products will allow you to take these Healthy Hair essentials everywhere! So you can continue to Love your Healthy Hair!



    Natural Hair

    Chemically Treated Hair

    Hair that will be Heated or Naturally Styled



    1) (One) 2oz Wake-Up Scalp! Pre-Shampoo Treatment, cleans, purifies, refreshes, & rejuvenates your scalp. Infused with a rich blend of essential herbs & botanicals, this unique combination removes follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residue from the scalp, while promoting collagen cell renewal & stimulating hair growth.


    2) (One) 2oz Get Clean & Clarify! Shampoo is a non-drying clarifying shampoo that provides deep cleansing to both the hair and scalp, while removing cosmetic residue, chlorine and harsh water minerals. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients such as Arnica, Rosemary, and Jojoba oils aid in hair growth and scalp stimulation.


    3) (One) 2oz Get Clean & Moisturize! Shampoo is a protein-rich conditioning shampoo that cleanses and hydrates while simultaneously protecting and nourishing the hair. Created for daily or weekly use, this advanced formula gently cleanses and moisturizes the hair while delivering optimal strength and hydration. Algae extract, silk and wheat amino acids, and horsetail strengthen, rebuild, and nourish chemically damaged hair without weighing it down.


    4) (Two) 2oz Oh Behave! Treatment Masque repairs and replenishes dry, damaged, and breaking hair ultra-hydrating . Fortified with high-performing ingredients that will improve your texture, enhance natural shine, smooth unruly frizz, all while reducing tangles, breakage, and split-ends.


    5) (One)2oz  Leave Me Be! Leave-In Treatment enhances manageability by detangling, hydrating, and restoring hairs' elasticity and porosity while purposely repairing and preventing split-ends. After application, hair is silky, and frizz-free with intense movement and volume.


  • Full directions for each item listed on main product page.


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