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Stimulates, Nourishes and Promotes Hair Growth by accellerating Follicular Growth and blocking DHT.


Our Herbal Scalp Elixir was originally created for the Oxygen Scalp Therapy Machine and has been used by various Trichologist for years helping to reverse various types of Alopecia / Hairloss.  Through our years of research we found that the Herbal Scalp Elixir also works by applying the product directly to the scalp daily. Herbal Elixir is designed to help improve scalp health and promote a healthy environment for continued hair growth.  Safe for natural, relaxed and color treated hair.


  • Shake bottle before use!  Fill cup of Oxygen Scalp therapy Gun with desired amount of Herbal Scalp Elixir.  Use Oxygen Scalp Therapy Machine as directed by manufacturer.

  • Shake bottle before use to activate key ingredients!  After towel drying hair, apply directly to scalp using a Dropper, Cotton pad or Q-Tip.  Once product is applied thoroughly, throughout entire scalp, massage product into scalp using the ball/pad of fingertips.  Use no more than once per day at either bed-time or at the beginning of your day.  Expected results are typically between 6-8 weeks. Results may vary!

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